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Annesley Hackathorn of
Tidewater K-9 Academy
and it's 501 (c)(3) The CARES Organization

Rehabilitation & Placement
One Great Dog At A Time.

Tidewater K-9 Academy and it's 501(c)(3) The CARES Organization are rescuing Doodles and training them as Diabetic Alert Service Dogs. These dogs alert Type 1 diabetics when their blood glucose levels are too low or too high. The dogs are especially useful to those diabetics with hypoglycemic unawareness.

Our first doodle is helping a family in New Jersey where the mother and an eleven year old son are both Type 1. Our second doodle is heading to Washington state in August to help a gentleman who is hypoglycemic unaware. Several of the doodles from a current litter will be trained as Diabetic Alert Dogs.  Plans are in the works for a litter of F1B Goldendoodles as well.

Meet the dogs ready for placement and learn about their special abilities

For more information on Diabetic Alert Service Dogs and The CARE Organization, please contact Annesley Hackathorn of