Meet our girl Maisie!  She is in need of a loving forever home. She is a five month old f1b Goldendoodle with a sweet, playful personality. She is currently 31 lbs. and I believe she will be on the smaller size when fully grown. She is up-to-date on all of her vaccinations and has been given a clean bill of health from our veterinarian. She is not yet spayed.

Maisie is fully crate trained and has been since we brought her home from Burkhart Kennels at 8 weeks old.  She is house trained so long as she is let outside to do her business after being given food and water (our kids sometimes forget!).  She is trained in simple one word commands such as sit, come, paw, off, gentle, and one we call "place". This we use to keep her on her dog bed (place) for extended periods of time when we want her confined to one spot without having to crate her.  Maisie has been socialized with many people and children since a small puppy.

We are looking to rehome her as she is our third Doodle. I am finding it hard to give all 3 dogs the attention they require and deserve. This is an incredibly loyal breed, but also one that demands your attention.

We are asking $1200 for Maisie. This is to recover some of our initial investment and vet costs to date. She is already through the toughest of the puppy training days which should be attractive for those looking to adopt.

We are located in Cambridge, Ontario. Please feel free to email for any additional information or to arrange a time to meet Maisie.


We currently have a 6 month old puppy named Jasper.  We love him very much but unfortunately we don't think we can keep him anymore for multiple reasons, the largest being in September all of the kids in our house will be going off to University.

He is a high energy dog (needs around 3 hours of excercise a day plus lots of room to roam around), very curious, and very friendly. The only real issue he has right now is without enough excercise he doesn't respond to training. As well he has a stomach issue: he has had diarrhea on and off the three months we have owned him since bringing him home from the breeder. We have brought him to a vet who hasn't found any issue (no bacterial or viral infection) and keeps giving us the equivalent of pepto bismol (I think) that deals with the symptoms but not the problem. We are unsure if he actually has an issue, or we just haven't found the right food/water combination that agrees with him. When we first got him he was completely fine, he only developed the diarrhea a month after staying with us, and after we had changed his food.

He has had all his shots, but is yet to be neutered (still slightly too young)

We want to make sure he continues to get the care, love, and exercise that he needs, and would love to hear from you



Del Frunessa Goldendoodles will have some adult, retired, breeding Poodles available soon.  
We will have adult, female, standard poodles available for retirement homes. These are the loving girls that have been wonderful mothers to our puppies. They will be spayed, & up to date on all vaccinations. These girls have all been health tested & certified to be in our breeding program. They have been a blessing to us & the wonderful families that have adopted their babies. Standard poodles live on average 12-15 yrs. These girls still have 8-10 years of love to give. We will give preference to the families that have one of their babies. If you would consider giving a 5-7 year old female standard poodle a wonderful loving forever home, let us know. (937)464-2503 Or e-mail Shawna at

The oldest and best Dood rescue site on the net, Poo-Mix is staffed by wonderful volunteers who peruse the net daily looking for Doodlike dogs in rescues and shelters all over North America.

Labradoodle Rescue & Goldendoodle Rescue, Rehome assistance and educational resources for doodle adopters, rescuers, owners and enthusiasts.  A 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity since 2009.

The Humane Society of North Texas presents SURVIVOR DOG!   -   a program that assists in rehabilitating and rehoming shelter dogs at-risk of euthanasia.   See updates on their Facebook Page -!/survivordog


CODY - in the U.S. section 5
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An excellent article about helping a rehomed dog adjust to a new family.   Courtesy of Golden Opportunities - Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois, Inc., on the Champaign County Humane Society website.

~ Making a difference:  one black dog at a time through education, awareness and action ~
This wonderful site is dedicated to placing just black dogs - as they are usually the last to find new homes

Jake and his brother Murphy at play

The "Dog House" recently built to help house the rescue dogs at the Dane Gang.

In 2006 The Dane Gang rescued 128 Labradoodles from a breeder who had passed away, and they placed them all.
To date they have rescued 775 Great Danes and 182 Labradoodles.

Kudos to Jeannie and the many volunteers for all their efforts.

They have no Labradoodles to rescue at the present time.

Serving the Pacific Northwest
700 Great Danes Rescued
Saving one empty couch at a time...

If you are considering adopting a dog from a shelter
this list will help you:

DaneGang - a rescue group for Great Danes run by a lady with a Great Heart
75 Danes and 126 Labradoodles were rescued in 2006!  Thank you Jeannie for your tremendous efforts on behalf of these dogs.

The Animal Rescue Site

French Bulldog Rescue League   (formerly the French Bulldog Club of America Rescue League)