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Pebbles and Bam-Bam's Page
& Sugar's


In 1990 we decided that our current dog, a 4 year old Schitzu-poo (Brutus) needed a companion, so we started looking in the classifieds. One day we saw “Free to good home, Oops litter, neighbors Golden retriever climbed the fence and found my champion black poodle.” Needless to say, this sounded interesting, so we called and went to see the pups. Well, there were about 10 of them, golden and black, running around the back yard. Our kids found one they liked, and because we thought she was so sweet, we called her Sugar.

As good dog owners, we had her spayed at 6 months of age. Many times over the next 15 years we would regret that act. We often thought about what a great dog she was, and that there should be more of her kind around. Everyone who saw her wanted to know what kind of dog she was. At first we called her a “Greater north American grudle”, but then one person asked us if she was a labradoodle, and we said, no, she’s a Goldendoodle.

Sugar was a wonderful dog. She was the first big dog we ever had that didn’t shed. She just wanted to be around us. When we went for walks, she stayed right by our side. When I went windsurfing, she rode in the front passenger seat in my van, and kept my van safe while I was on the water.

Our Shitzu-poo was one of the best Frisbee dogs I have ever seen. Sugar, however, wasn’t interested. She would chase and catch it, but then retire to a shady spot to chew it. She was also a big chicken. The slightest noise would make her start, and thunder drove her under the bed. But what a sweetheart.

Sugar left us in 2005. We decided that when we got a new dog it would also be a Goldendoodle. We had to wait another year before Brutus went, then we started looking. I contacted the local Vets to tell them that if anyone had a poodle that had been accidently impregnated by a Golden Retriever, we were interested in a pup. They laughed, and that was when we found out that there were people breeding these dogs, and charging a lot of money. A freebie was not to be found!

Well, we decided to bite the bullet, and found a breeder relatively close to us, 160 miles away. We went and visited and met the parents of the litter we would be picking from, and put down a deposit. We talked about the guardian program that they wanted to start, and said we would be interested in it. I guess we were just looking for ways to get the dog cheaper. We were expecting to get our pup just after Christmas.

Near the end of November our breeder called us and said that although we could still have a pup from their litter, a friend of hers in North Carolina had a Doodle that had just given birth to 16 pups, and that since they were not professional breeders, these pups were cheaper, 1/3 of what we had been expecting to pay. Not only that, but these were f1-b pups, from a female goldendoodle bred back to a black standard poodle. Well, we still wanted a golden female, but my wife and daughter worked on me and we ended up with a black male also.

The name we had originally chosen for our new pup was Roxie. We sat down as a family group and started to come up with some new names. I went for Roxie and Bullwinkle, but vetoed. After a few minutes of lively discussion my son said, “How about Pebbles and Bam-Bam?” It was a unanimous decision. We were going to have some “Yabba-dabba-doodles”

In mid December my wife was bringing my daughter home for Christmas vacation, and had to pass through North Carolina, so she picked up our two new pups, and a third one for our breeder friend. They put a laundry basket on the back seat and all three pups could fit in it, comfortably. I have to chuckle about that, today you couldn’t get ½ of one of the dogs in there. There weight when we brought them home was 11 lbs. Now, at 7 months, they weigh 55 lbs, and look like they will still be growing for a while.

I’ve always clipped my own dogs. The cost of 2 clippings will cover the cost of a good clipper. For their first clipping, however, I took them to the local Petsmart. I wanted someone else to introduce them to clippers. When I picked them up, about 5 hours later than they were supposed to be, the groomer told me..”The black one is a sweetheart, but the blonde one is crazy”.

The first time I clipped them I was somewhat worried about their reaction, but they both stood calmly and let me shave them down. I was amazed, Sugar, whenever I clipped her, did her best Ghandi imitation and turned into a pile of jello. Pebbles and Bam-Bam, however, seemed to enjoy the attention, and have been easy to trim ever since.

This is Sugar, we didn’t take very many pictures back then . Thank heavens for digital cameras.

This was Sugar’s favorite place, riding as copilot in my van. It didn’t matter where we were going, she just loved the ride.

Pebbles and Bam-Bam

These pictures were our introduction to our soon to be new puppies.  This was at about 6  weeks.

This is Pebbles and Bam-Bam at 10 weeks

This is how they came home after getting their first haircut.  I wanted them clipped short all over, but I guess the groomer thought they needed to be cuter, so he left their head hair long, and the resembled lions.

I cut them short all over for their second haircut, I like it a lot better.  All that hair on their heads could hold a lot of water, and they would shake it off all over us.

Here they are hard at play at 3 months, on one of their first visits to Dogwood Park.

At 4 months old their favorite game is still tag, and they will chase each other until they are exhausted.

Bam-Bam has very tight curly hair, very much like his poodle dad.

Pebbles hair is wavier, and varies from light to dark gold.

Bam-Bam’s favorite position after returning from Dogwood Park.

Pebbles feels the same way when she comes back from the park. It makes for a restful evening.

The doods waiting for us outside the bedroom. 5 months old.

They love to climb stuff at Dogwood Park.

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I must add a postscript to our page announcing Pebbles demise.

Three times a week I took the doods with me to the local archery range. It is located on 10 acres of land well outside of town. The gate is located about 100 yards off the highway, on a limerock road. We have been there dozens of times, and when I unlock the gate I let the doods out to pee, and then they jump back into the truck to ride the rest of the way in.
Monday night when I let them out they bolted towards the highway. I don’t know what they saw, but they didn’t respond as I frantically called them. They were leashed, but unfortunately I was not holding them. Pebbles ran right in front of a car and was struck and killed instantly. The driver did not stop. I’m not very good at the 100 yard dash, but I made it in record time for me, but there was nothing to be done except carry her gently back to my truck.

I thought I was being careful with my doods. I just want people to know that you can never be too far from traffic to be safe.
Pebbles was a special dog, and Bambam, my wife, my kids and myself all miss her greatly.

Please tell others to be more careful than I was.

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