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Peanut's Page

Peanut was born in Strasburg, PA on May 28, 2005. Her mother was a Golden Retriever and her father was a Standard Poodle.  Peanut has been a wonderful addition to our Family.

When Peanut was a puppy we taught her to ring the bell when she wanted to go outside. She learned that in half a day. I've taught her to give Bill, Billy, or John kisses just by saying "go give (name) a kiss".  She's smart, lovable, silly, adorable, and a great joy to have as part of our family.

This is Peanut 8 weeks old. Billy and John had to defend their fingers from her puppy teeth.

I love pool time, exercise time, and cuddle time. In my short lil' life I've gone swimming, hiked, camped. These people take me everywhere.

Peanut grew very fast and I think hasn't stopped growing. She stands as tall as me when she's on her hind feet.

Billy and John really enjoy Peanut wanting to do what they do. She plays football, runs where they run, and  fetches baseballs.

She's a happy dog.

I've certainly adjusted well to having another girl in the home. Peanut went thru a "hairdo" phase.

I got to hike before my bath.

Peanut loves to travel. We took her to the parade and she was a hit. People love to look at her.

This is our girl after one (of many) haircuts. I started trimming her when she was 4 months old so she would get used to the clippers. I don't trim her as much any more however I do have to vacuum more. She is a medium/heavy shedder when her hair is longer.  I brush her every other day.

Did anyone say Pool? This one is so much fun!

My Mom tells me I am a pretty girl all the time. Look at those long legs

This is one of our favorites of Peanut. Her face is very sweet.

Does your Doodle's eye lashes grow this long? She loves her toys.

Thank you for visiting Peanut's site.