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Oscar's Page

My name is Oscar and I was born Dec. 14, 2006. My parents are Kairos and Judah from Living Streams Labradoodles, in Montana.

Kairos – my mom
Judah – my dad

I had 10 brothers and sisters!  Here’s my first close-up

We had lots of fun together!

Crissy, my mom’s owner, sent pictures to my future family and answered many e-mail questions. They were so excited to see my progress and couldn’t wait to finally meet me.

This is me when I was 5 weeks old...
...and 6 weeks old...
...and 7 weeks old...

On Feb. 9, I flew to Los Angeles to join my new family. Lifetime Television taped my arrival at LAX for their new TV series, “Hello, Goodbye”! I’ve only been in Hollywood a few seconds and I’m already a star! They named me Oscar because my new people are actors, and I look like a little gold statue. Now they can all say they have an Oscar!

My ride home

Look, I’ve got a boy...
...and a girl!

My first day was exhausting!

I miss my mom, but this will do...
Now I’m 10 1/2 weeks old and getting bigger

I’m so smart...I will sit, lie down and shake paw...but only if you give me a treat!

 I’m a little angel...NOT!!
(It’s OK...they love me anyway)

Here I am at 14 weeks - I'm getting so big!

I guard my home ferociously - here's my impersonation of a Rottweiller...how come nobody seems very frightened?

I'm 15 weeks now, and I weigh 28 lbs.!  I've gained 16 lbs. since my arrival! I'm a great big teddy bear.

Some people say I look like a lion...

I'm a big help when they work on the computer!

Hey...let me out of this play pen!

I promise to be good!

Here I am at 5 ½ months and still as cuddly as ever!  I weigh 45 lbs now.

I pretty much own this place and everyone who lives here.  

You might say I'm “Sitting Pretty”.

They just can't resist me when I give `em these soulful eyes and this winning smile!

Where did I find this piece of Papaya skin?  In the garbage?  I would never do that!