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Murphy's Page

Murphy was born on September 26, 2005 to Kida and Sam of Kristy's Labradoodles in Iowa. There were only 2 pups in the litter. Murphy was caught up cross-wise while being born and had to be resuscitated. Initially it was thought that he had neurological problems, as he had a problem with his balance and supposedly had difficulty identifying sound location. He was originally in a home where, although they loved him, did not have the time to attend to his needs.

Puppy Naps

He was given back to Kristy, his breeder and she posted for a re-home. His sweet little face and heart-wrenching story touched both Joel and me, so that night, we put our hat in the ring for our Murphy. We are so blessed and so grateful that Kristy chose us to adopt him.

My Brother and Me

When he came to us we were prepared to undertake all that would be needed to give him the best chance for a "normal" Doodle life. Initally, after a thorough examination, the news was "bitter-sweet". He did NOT have neurological problems, but did have 50% loss of mobility in his left hock, entropion of both eyes, and was cryptorchid, with neither testicle palpable in his inguinal canal.

Now for the GOOD news! We waited to have him neutered until shortly after he turned 6-months-old and during the neutering we had his legs x-rayed to try and determine the cause of this decrease in mobility. To our surprise and joy, there is NOTHING wrong with either of his legs!!!!!! AND his entropion has resolved!!!

Our vets are a husband and wife team, and Dr. M. could not believe this was the same dog his wife had examined just 2 months earlier!!! Dr. M. did have to do some "fishing" to find Murph's testicles which were up by his bladder, but recovery was a snap!

Just Between Us Guys

 Eye of the Doodle

Murph has outgrown all his early puppy problems and is now a healthy, frisky, Doodle boy, enjoying life with his "big brother" Dandy, Joel, and me. What a blessing to have him in our lives!

If you could, we would like "Eye of the Tiger" as his page song, as he is one tough, but gentle, and lovable little guy.

 Doll Boy

 Busy Boy