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Monroe's Page

This is me and mommy after she decided I was her favorite . . believe me . . . I worked the room to get the family's attention. I had a feeling this would be a good gig!

I was bred at the Paw Pad in Deer Creek, Illinois . . . Christine Phillips, owner.   Here I am in the car on my way home to Carmel, Indiana. These people seem okay so far. . . I'm getting kissed alot!

My first afternoon in my new home . . . wow everything is so big! Mommy just loves me!

I can't sit on ALL the furniture . . mommy and daddy gave me this chair in their bedroom called "the puppy chair" It's right next to their bed! I nap alot on the "puppy chair"

This place is great . . I think I'll rest for awhile.

This is me and my youngest brother, Brian. He's great looking isn't he?

Boy, I'm really getting the hang of this thing. Tugging is one of my most favorite things to do with daddy.

Mommy says I look just like Snoopy in this one

I like to sit on this footstool . . . it makes me feel bigger . . . mommy calls this my "tuffet" I heard it is something from a nursery rhyme.

I'm about three months old now.

Wow, this is cool . . .when I'm thirsty, Mommy just runs the water for me.

This is me and my dad . . . he calls me "Pookers" . . gosh I love this guy!

Mom gauges my growth by how much of me still fits on my "tuffet"

Mom takes me to the vets once a week or so to get weighed and have the girls fawn over me. they dress me like this!

Here's mommy and I at puppy kindergarten . . . I did great!

This is my best friend and main dog, Kevin and his mom. Kevin lives just across the cul de sac! What luck!

I don't quite know what we're doing here, but mommy saves we did it really well!

About four months here . . . I can't even believe how good looking I am

Kevin and I play most days together. If you hadn't noticed, Kevin is a doodle too!! He is one week older.

Me and the "K" Dog . . . mom is soo happy I have friends!

Kevin and I just chatting about what game to play next.

Kevin is strong . . he pinned me!

I'd like you to meet my other best friend who lives next door to me . . . his name is Gizmo and he is the fastest dog on the planet

Mom puts a bucket of cold water out for us because doodles play hard!

I'm six months old now and mom still takes alot of pictures . . . she says she should get a ticket for having such a cute puppy!

These are the girls next door, Roxanne and Maxine . . life is good

Mom got me a bang cut so she could see my eyes

Even though I don't fit any longer it is still a good place to hang out because I can see mommy's desk from here, and I like to watch her every move.

What a great way to end another puppy day. Mom will keep you all posted on my progress...

Monroe has been having a great time this summer playing just about each and every evening with his friends outside.

I love the wind in my hair

Kevin and I are waiting for Gizmo to run over

I can't help myself . . . I gotta give Kevin a kiss!

Waiting till its time to go outside.

I love my brother Brian . . . he never passes by me without stopping to pet me.

Me and my friends playing . . . we go and go until we tire outselves out!

Gosh these guys are fun!

It has been sooo hot lately that mom says we have to wait until evening to play with my friends . . okay!

Kevin and I taking a quick tour around our house.

Let's face it . . . I got it goin on!

Roxanne says I play soccer really well!


If I make myself real big, I bet I can reach that squirrel!

Get down here!!

You can hardly see my tuffet anymore?

Get up Brian

chewing my bone . . what a life

I don't know what mom's problem is . . we're not that dirty!

just tell everyone I wear black shoes

just five more minutes . . we're not done

come on Kevin . .

Kevin's house . . I watch it all the time!

tickling Kevin

Mom says today is my birthday . . . don't know what that means, but I'm pretty excited about it!

I'll look out the window . . maybe the birthday is outside.

Could the birthday pawty be out this way??

Holy puppy toes! Here is the birthday. Look what mom set up at my daycare center! I love this!

The puppies are starting to arrive. It's my buddy, Puddy!

Man, I'm on a roll now.

Bunches, Sloopy, and Gizmo

Look at Buddy Mangin's jeans! Wow . . .
I wonder if they come in my size???

Penelope Buscher has the coolest bows in her hair.
She's a real babe.

Oh yeah! My friend from daycare, Belle, is arriving with her mom and dad. Does the fun ever end?

Mom says I was a great host because I greeted each person who came. This party stuff is awesome.

Buddy Mangin took off his pants . . .
even without his jeans he's a cool puppy.

Kevin and I are goofin around with mom.

What a crowd we had. Mom says we had 22 puppy pals. I ran out of toes during the counting . . . even used Kevin's . . . still ran out of puppy toes. I'm sure mom counted right.

My pal Samson talking to mom. She always
has time for my friends.

Here we are at home opening my gifts. Man, I'm knee deep in bones for sure! I must admit birthdays are alot of fun.

Holiday Season 2008

Me and Kevin enjoying Frosty Paws after we play.

Is Santa coming?

Mom says I'm the Santa Doodle . . . she must know, she's always right!

You'd think I was glued to Kevin . . .

Ok . . . I'll pose just like you asked me to.

I love Christmas gifts!

I really got the hang of this Christmas thing now

My turn to open a gift??

Okay Mom . . here's a little side profile of my doodle suit!

These photos are guaranteed to bring miles of smiles.  I caught a few pictures of doodles in flight.