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Maddie's Page

Here is our Maddie.  She is our 4½ month goldendoodle that we added to our family on Jan.25th2007.  She was born on Nov. 20th at Berllinview Kennels in Pa.  She lives with us, Adam and Kasi  and her two “brothers”  Bailey and Gabriel.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She loves to go for walks, play ball in the yard, and run and play with her best k9 friend, a Golden retriever Rusty.  

I have attached some pictures of her and will add more as she grows.  Thanks for having such  a wonderful site to share our love of these wonderful dogs.

Maddie's first day home with her “brothers Bailey and Gabe

Look at that face 10 weeks old

Lounging with my toys.

I love my new crate!

Yogurt is yummy!

I'm getting to be a big girl- almost 4 months

Maddie and Gabe playing in the snow

Maddie is turning into such a great dog…she house trained in about 1 month, and she does very well with commands such as sit, come, shake…etc. All with treats involved, of course.  We'll be starting puppy kindergarten soon.
All of our neighbors adore her and she loves them as well, although kids are her passion.  You can just see her face light up when the school bus pulls up with our boys every day. She gets more affectionate everyday, but still puppy bites some.  We're working on that.
At four and a half months old Maddie is about 31lbs.  She has a beautiful wavy coat and doesn't she much at all.  She absolutely loves bully sticks and empty yogurt containers.  Here are some more pictures...

Snuggling with my bro

Dirty Doodle- but it was fun playing in the mud!!! Now I have to get one of those baths.

Eye of the silly Doodle

Watching white-fang.  I love animal movies.

Lounging under my Mom's computer chair
-not very soft, though.

Here are some new pictures of Maddie.  She is now 5 and a half monthes old and growing still.  She weighs in at 40lbs.  She continues to brighten our days.  Now that she has all her “big- girl” teeth she has really gotten a lot better with her play-biting.  Now she just licks us A LOT!

Some of her favorites right now are going to our boy's baseball games, playing in the creek, and pond, going for car rides, playing ball, visiting the neighbors and meeting new people.

Here I am telling my Mom “Please, no more pictures”  

Posing with my Big brother.  I love it when he plays with me!

Waiting for them to throw my favorite soccer ball!!

All right I got it!  Now if I can just carry it back without any of my baby teeth coming out!
 (We seriously had a few weeks where she couldn't carry the ball because her teeth were coming out all the time.)

Mommy says I'm getting really big.  I take up mast of her computer mat now.  I guess I'll soon have to find a new favorite place to sleep…but I like this better than my bed.  

What are they doing in my crate?

OK this is better.  My boys are silly!!  See you soon!!!

Here I am 6 months old.

 Mommy just brushed my long hair! She says I look beautiful, but if you ask me I want it all cut off cuz it's too hot!

Here are a couple new pictures of Maddie after she got her first real hair cut. She is alot cooler now. We miss her shaggy look, but it's a good "do " for summer since she likes to swim alot. She is 7 months here.

Maddie is growing so fast.  She is 8 months old now and weighs about 50 pounds.  She just graduated from puppy K last week.  It took us that long to find one in our area. She did very well.

She now sleeps out of her crate since she lets us sleep in longer that way. You'll see in the pictures where she likes to sleep now.  She continues to love her daily walks, go swimming in the neighbor's pond, play fetch in the backyard, and lounge around when she is inside.  Everyone says she is a very well behaved puppy.  Now that she has lost that “puppy look” I sometimes have to remind myself that she is one.  Here are some pictures of her that I took this summer.  She is definitely a joy to have around.

Here I am swimming in the neighbor’s pond- my very favorite place to go.

Now I’m waiting for my treat. Mommy says I’m a good girl!

Waiting to fetch my stick again. My brother Gabe throws it really far, but I always bring it back. I could do this all day!

Here is where I like to sleep at night now. My family thinks I’m silly for sleeping in the shower. I like it because it’s cool on my belly.

Here is me and my brothers Bailey and Gabe again. They let me on their beds. We like to snuggle up here. They say I take up to much room, though. What do you think

Here is me and my Mom at my Graduation. We are going to be in the newspaper. Barry is the St Bernard beside me. We are good friends.

Maddie turned 1 year old on Nov. 20th.  She weighs in at 55lbs.  She continues to be a wonderful dog!  Her favorite things to do are:  Play in the snow, go for walks, play ball, and go for car rides.  She loves everyone and thinks everyone loves her too.  She is usually right!