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Lucy & Annie's Page

Lucy's Mom's Story:

I wanted a new puppy. I wanted one that would grow up to be a big, fuzzy, snuggly and smart dog that everyone would enjoy being around. I searched the Internet for dog breeds to consider, and somehow I came across the Goldendoodle. I had never heard of the cross-breed before, but I was intriqued. I found myself on Goldendoodles.com, where I learned everything possible about them. On the web site, I also found Christine Phillips' Paw Pad kennel in Illinois, which is the state where I live. After much dialog back and forth with Christine, I sent her a deposit for a female puppy from Cheyanne's expected litter. (B.J is the sire.) Lucy's litter was born on August 4, 2005, and Christine sent me lots of photos up until the day I took Lucy home with me. I had not had a puppy since I was 8-years-old, so beforehand, I read lots of books and was a regular browser on the "Forum", and... I planned a puppy shower! I sent out invitations with a copy of the attached photo inside. It was Lucy at 7 weeks. I took Lucy home on October 1st, and my husband and I haven't felt a dull moment since! Lucy will soon be a year-old, and the time has just flown by. Lucy is everything I'd hoped for, and much, much more. We are totally enamored with our Lucy Doodle!

Lucy's Story:

Two weeks after my new mom brought me home, she had a big party for me! Here are some photos from my shower. I was 10 weeks old on this day, and my new mom dressed me up in a pink collar and put pink bows on my ears. (I'm too much of a tomboy for that now!) These are some of my "Aunties". I got lots of wonderful presents from them, and I played with my toys until I was all worn out.

Cindy & Lucy

Linda T with Lucy

Lucy and Trudilee

Exhausted Lucy

As soon as I was able to get into training classes, my mom put me into them and KEPT me in them! I already have my CGC (canine good citizen) certification, and I'm about to graduate from my fourth course. I have learned all sorts of fun things, and my mom thinks I'm perfectly behaved except for one thing... I still want to jump up to greet people. I know I'm not supposed to, and I try really hard to keep from doing it, and I'm getting better and better at it, but I still do it sometimes. Good thing I'm cute...

Stay Lucy

I did it!

Happy Lucy

On a Saturday in early November, when I was just three-months-old, my mom hosted a Doodle Romp at our house, and my doodle siblings and half-siblings from The Paw Pad came. Our breeder, Christine Phillips, lives 200 miles away, but she came up to the Romp so she could see how we were progressing and to talk with our human parents. It rained. We got wet, but it was still so much fun! It was my first Romp, but it hasn't been my last! We now go to the Doodle Romps at the dog park in Wauconda, Illinois once-a-month, and my mom takes me to all the other parks in Lake County, IL. I love playing with other dogs!


Lovey Lucy

Lucky Lucy

Christine and Wet Lucy

Wet doodles

In December, when I was almost five-months-old, my mom thought I was getting so big, but she just had no IDEA how much growing remained. My mom and Dad let me fly with them from Chicago to Tampa for Christmas with the grandparents. What a blast! I really, really love Santa.

Lucy with Kissie

Lucy in December

Lucy and Kissie

Lucy at Christmas

I have a brother and sister. Kissie (Kismet) is my kitty sister, and Shad (a Keeshond) is my brother. Kissie likes to play with me, and Shad and I have lots of "debates". Here are pictures of us, taken when I was six-months-old.

Shad & Lucy

Lucy and Kissie

Lucy at 6 months

When I turned 8-months-old, I got my CGC certification. That's the AKC's certification that I am a Canine Good Citizen. I had completed the required training and passed the tests. My mom keeps saying that I'm the prettiest and smartest "Poopsie" she's ever known. She asked me to get up in a chair and sit like a human for this picture. I thought it was silly, but... I love my mom.

Sittin' Pretty

In June, I was 10-months old, and my mom took me to a groomer for my first real haircut. It felt pretty GOOD! Although my mom missed my shagginess, she couldn't help taking some more pictures, because as she said, I'm cute, no matter what. Because I love to chew on sticks, my beard gets stained. One of my mom's friends says it looks like I've been drinking chocolate milk. What do you think?

In July, it sure was hot in northern Illinois! That's when my mom and dad started taking me boating with them. We swim in Lake Michigan, and because the water is so deep there, they make me wear my life jacket all the time. I never mind it. It's like it's not even there. They throw my water toys off the boat, I jump off, go fetch them and bring 'em right back. It's really FUN!

Water Ballet

1st Mate

My mom and dad are missing some of my puppy days, but they are seeing the benefits of my being a bit more grown up now. Mom says I'm gentler when I play with my kitty sister, and I listen better when Dad tells me what he needs for me to do... well, except for last week when I saw a skunk in the backyard. I didn't listen to him when he told me to "LEAVE IT!" All of a sudden I was getting a bath and Mom seemed really upset. I thought she was worried because my eyes were burning, but it might have been something else...

Me 'n my kitty sister

Need a towel

My mom decided to celebrate my upcoming first birthday by getting a portrait of me painted in watercolor by Phillis Chasanoff (PhyllisCh@aol.com). She LOVES this portrait! She told me I am having a birthday party soon, but this is her present to... herself? I don't get it.

Lucy posed

Lucy's Portrait

My mom and dad and I have lots of fun. They take me with them everywhere they can. I couldn't go see "Wicked" with them, but they brought me these oh-so-cool, Emerald City, souvenir shades. It's a wonderful thing, I tell ya, because every time they put these on me, they laugh and tell me how adorable I am, and then... I get a TREAT! It's AMAZING how that works!


I turned one-year-old a few days ago on 8/4/06, and I weighed 54.6 pounds. I've been at this weight for a few weeks now, so Mom thinks that if I get any bigger at all, it won't be much. She had a party for my first birthday, and some of my human cousins came, along with my cousin, Milo, the giant Samoyed. My brother, Shad, the Keeshond, celebrated with us too, but he was mostly thinking about CAKE. My mom had a yummy-looking cake for the humans. Milo, Shad and I shared a special, really big birthday cookie, made just for dogs It was yummy, and we all loved it. When the party was over, I went looking for my favorite Baby to play with. Mom said she thinks I'm just as much a puppy as I was 6 months ago. It's really just a state of mind, ya know...

I'm the Birthday Girl

 YUMMY birthday cookie

 Milo says YUM

 My cousins, Kirsten, Mikey and Kyra with my dad and me

 Milo sang Happy Birthday

 Rompin' with Baby

Over the Labor Day holiday weekend, my mom and dad took me with them to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. On Saturday, we just walked around town and they bought me a spiffy collar to wear there. I got a LOT of attention! I got to sit outside with them while they had dinner at a nice restaurant, then we SPENT THE NIGHT ON THE BOAT! My mom told me I was a perfect angel, day and night. On Sunday, we went lounging around on the boat, and Dad and I went SWIMMING! I sure do like that lake.

 Lucy at lake Geneva

 Lucy's chewie

Last weekend we went to visit at Christine Phillip's Paw Pad, where I came from. My mom had never met my parents before and she was excited to see Christine's new kennel and their new home. I got to play with some of the dogs there, but even more fun than THAT... I got to go swimming in their pool with Mariah and Jonathan! My mom showed me how to use the steps to get in and out of the pool, then I was on my own and I played fetch in the water. My mom thinks I have fins hidden somewhere underneath all this hair of mine. She's funny!

 Christine's kitchen

 Lucy swimming

Here is a photo of our Lucy in her Halloween costume. Her collar has hundreds of little white skulls tied to it. When kids came trick-or-treating, Lucy ran out the door and ran in big circles around the front yard, cape flying. She was a big hit in the neighborhood!

Is this the most perfect hat Lucy could ever have, or WHAT?!  Thank you, Aunt Gina!

Christmas 2006

My half-sister, Lily, spent Christmas with me while her family was out of town. We got dirty, so Mom gave us baths and we got purty.

Dirty Girls

Pretty Girls

Mom and Dad flew me with them to spend the New Years holidays in Tampa, and I went swimming and "surfing" in Gramma and Grampa's pool with my cousins!

I don't know what it is with my mom and these funny costumes, but it gets me a lot of attention, PLUS I always get a yummy treat!

Mardi Gras
Easter Doodle

Harley Girl

Harley Girl 2

Laughing Lucy

Guess what, everybody! My mom and dad got me a puppy of my own!  She's a miniature, backcrossed (F1b) Goldendoodle. She was born on April 8, 2008 at The Paw Pad in Central Illinois, which is where I came from. Annie's mom is one of my half-sisters, so that makes Annie my little niece. We just love each other to pieces! We keep each other very entertained. I taught Annie how to swim right away. She loves the water, just like I do. I'm trying hard to get her to catch a Frisbee, but when I run for them, she just runs to catch ME! Here are some pictures of Annie and me from this summer. Enjoy!

Annie & Lucy boating

Swimming with Aunt Lucy

In Daddy's T-bird

Here it is

I Gotcha!