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Lilly's Page

Lilly was born March 19, 2006 and has been an amazing dog.  The breeders were a wonderful couple in Vero Beach, Florida who owned both the parents, a white male standard poodle who was huge and a beautiful Golden.  The 15 year old grandmother Golden was also present surveying the scene.  

I am allergic to dogs, so when I heard (and saw pictures) of the Goldendoodles, I was excited.  We picked the fluffiest puppy and she has fit into our home perfectly.  Obviously, she doesn't understand that she is not one of the kids.  But the biggest personality trait I want to mention is the respect she has for all of us and others and property.   

Truly a wonderful dog who gets more attention inside and outside the home then the latest movie star!  

The pic is Lilly doing what she loves to do...be with us whatever we are doing!