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Jersey's Page

Jersey was born on July 11, 2006. My family and I all have asthma so we wanted a dog that was allergy friendly. I heard about poodle mixes being allergy friendly so I began my research. The plan was to get a red, female labradoodle. I had set up appointments with three different breeders. I was really excited and couldn't wait to meet the puppies. I got a last minute phone call from one of the breeders letting me know that she had two goldendoodles and asked if I wanted to check them out. They were both female and one was red. I did want a red female puppy so I decided to check it out. The moment that I met the two puppies, I had a connection with the apricot one. The red one was playful, but the apricot one was all over me. I knew that instant that she had chosen me. I played with her for over an hour so that I could test my allergies. No allergies appeared so I was in the clear. Now the big decision. Do I take my chances on purchasing from the first breeder, even if it wsn't a labradoodle? I was too much in love already with the puppy, I couldn't resist. I took her home two hours later. Jersey became part of the family on Sept. 15, 2006.

Jersey is now in training and she is doing very well. I walk her twice a day so she gets plenty of exercise and I take her to play with other dogs in a socialization class. She is very playful with people and other dogs. I hope to get her certified as a therapy dog. I am currently in the process of going to grad school for a Master's in Occupational Therapy. She puts a smile on my face everday so I look forward to bringing her to work or to other facilities to brighten up someone's else's day.

My first hours with Jersey at 9 weeks old.

Jersey posing with her toys.

What are you looking at?

I can still see you.

11 weeks old. I love car rides.

We're so silly together.

Look at how happy I make her.