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Jax's Page

This is our doodle pup “Cracker Jax”.  He was a Christmas present for our 2 ½ year old Golden Retriever, Shiloh.  Shiloh is a sweet dog with a great disposition and loves playing with other dogs.  He always seemed so lonely, so we decided to get him a playmate.

I searched the internet for Golden Retriever pups and stumbled across an ad for Golden Doodle puppies. I had seen pictures of doodles online and thought that they were adorable, so we decided that we would get one.

Jax came to us from the Knowles family in Ephrata, PA.  We communicated via e-mail and I picked him out from pictures of the 5 boys they had. We took the nearly 3 hour ride from our home in New Jersey to Pennsylvania a few days before Christmas.  He slept the entire ride home without so much as a whimper!

When we introduced him to Shiloh, he was very shy and stayed close to our side.  A few days later, he was all over him like he had known him all 8 weeks of his life!  Shiloh is so gentle with him, he lets him climb all over him, bite his ears and pull on his tail. He brings toys over to Jax to play tug of war, or makes him chase him around the table.  They are so cute together! Jax imitates Shiloh all the time.  Shiloh knows that in order to get a treat he has to sit and give us his paw, Jax will sit right next to him and do the same thing!

He is only 12 weeks old and he is just so smart and so cute!  I wish he didn't have to outgrow being a puppy, but I cant wait until he gets big, he is such a beautiful boy and we just love him!

6 weeks old…..This is the picture that was sent via e-mail that stole our hearts, we knew we had to have him!

These are his brothers, Jax is on the far right

8 weeks old….Jax & His brother playing with mom on the day we took him home with us (12/22/07)

playing with his siblings before saying goodbye

Jax meets his new big brother, 2 ½ year old Shiloh, he's a little shy, but not for long!

nice to meet you!

I guess you could say he's a size 12!

Taking a nap after all the Christmas excitement

So much for that shy puppy!... Come on I wanna play!

London Bridges falling down!

10 weeks old…..playing outside

Sharing a stick with his big brother

And picking up a few of his bad habits!

12 weeks….this toy is as big as he is!

Relaxing with Shiloh…. They have become inseparable