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Iggie's Page

Hi Everybody!  I am Iggie 'the dood' Gilbert (although I've also been  called Iglet, Igster, Crazydoodle and for some odd reason Blackie). I was born December 3rd, 2005 at the Mueller's Woodville Kennels.  My Mom and Dad found out about the Muellers through the Goldendoodles website and came down to visit me in January.

My youngest brother Grant helped pick me out.   I like sneaking into his room and stealing his toys - especially his stuffed animals - my favorite is his frog.

That's me and mom  - I think they wanted to take me home right away but I was only 6 weeks old so they had to wait 2 more long weeks before I could go home with them."

January 28th! My Big Day!

My family came early and got to see me getting all prettied up by the Muellers.

I did good on the
3 hours ride home - only puked once!

Once I got home I got to meet all my new brothers - Brandon, Grant, Baloo and Taz.  It took a while for Baloo and Taz to get used to me but they love me now.  They taught me how to use the doggy door and I was potty trained in 2 weeks!

This is a recent one of him showing his 'snarl-smile' that he does when he greets someone - it is too funny - his lip curls up funny on one side - everyone comments on how he smiles at them.

I am getting a lot bigger now - almost as big as Baloo!  

Here we are being
Easter beagles

I like wrestling with Taz and even Brandon

I get to go to work with Dad every day and am the official greeter at The
Doghouse Resort and Tavern.  Everyone there of course loves me and asks Mom
and Dad what kind of dog I am.  Like Baloo and Taz I even have my own menu
item (Iggie Fries - curly and golden!)

I'm thirsty!

I love my Dad!

We just love Iggie to death - he fit into our chaotic busy household with really no problems at all.  He has been exposed to tons of dogs, people, kids and he gets along with everyone - we've never had to worry about him being over-aggressive etc.  He has been very easy to train - we just spent consistent time with him - didn't even have to take him to formal obedience classes.  I am hoping to have him get his therapy dog certification - I am a physical therapist and have taken my other two dogs 'informally' in the past to nursing homes and see what a difference they make to the residents.  But they are a little too big to work with kids and I know some of my coworkers who work with pediatrics would love to be able to have Iggie as a motivator with some of their clients.

I'm getting better at swimming although my butt sinks a little bit so Mom got me a lifevest for swimming in deeper water (to go along with my Doggles).  

I love riding on the boat - have already found my 'spot' riding on the sundeck of the Wet Dog pontoon

I love chasing the cue ball, tennis ball, frisbee - pretty much anything anyone throws for me.  

We chose a doodle originally because we wanted a golden retriever - but I have nasty allergies and goldens/labs really made them kick into high gear.  We were worried a third dog would do the same thing (I already take some meds but not full time - only certain times of the year) so when hearing about doodles it sounded like a perfect dog for us.  I can honestly say bringing Iggie into our home has not changed my allergies one bit.  He also had done wonders for our older dog Baloo who is almost 15 and last winter had a small stroke.  Baloo had a hard time walking/wouldn't climb down stairs etc. But it is like Iggie has given him 'new life' - Baloo now goes for 2 mile walks with us, climbs stairs and actually like Iggie hanging around by him.  

Best Buds

If anyone would like to contact us, please email us at  doghouse78@hotmail.com