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Hudson's Page

Hudson was born at The Paw Pad in Illinois on May 4th, 2006.  His parents are BJ and Cheyenne.  He now lives in Naperville, Illinois. Since his arrival has acquired two feline siblings, neither seem too thrilled with his arrival! Hudson just doesn't get why sticking his butt in the air and barking doesn't seem to make them want to play….

Back from a walk
Hudson ignoring Winnie's dirty looks!

Charley and Winnie seem to avoid Hudson at all costs… Let's hope they are the only ones who can jump that high!

On June 27th Hudson left The Paw Pad and experienced his first car ride. No travel sickness at all! Hudson loves to ride in the car and will do whatever he can to climb onto the lap of whoever is in the driver's seat! He now has a seatbelt harness to keep him put!

At 8 weeks Hudson weighed 7.6 pounds. He mastered “sit”, “paw”, and “down” in no time at all. Hudson only had a few accidents in the house but that was all over by the second week at home.

8 weeks

Hudson loved his crate from the very beginning. He would just walk right in to take a nap - THEN he realized it was much smarter to sleep outside the crate blocking the door

At 9 weeks Hudson needed his first trim around the eyes, and tried on his first collar. (It was a little big!)

 "I can barely see!"
 5 days later
“Ahhhh! Much better!”

At 10 weeks Hudson weighed in at 12 pounds. He's getting so big! He has only chewed his own toys so far, but I see him eyeing the edge of the carpet on a daily basis! He began his puppy training class this week! He was the only pup sound asleep under my chair during the entire thing… I don't think he learned much!
Hudson is chock full of personality. He has funny quirks like shaking his head when I offer him a toy he doesn't want, and always needing something to chew on when he's getting a tummy rub. When he visits his “girlfriends” Hudson begins to whimper with excitement the second we pull into their driveway!

Yes, you read it right, Girlfriends- plural. He's quite the ladies man, TWO beautiful female golden retrievers to call his own! Lucky dog!

At 11 weeks Hudson weighs about 15 pounds. He makes funny noises when he's playing, which sound like a mix between a growl and a squeak. His favorite toys right now are ice cubes, socks, and towels. After all that money I spent on puppy toys! He now knows “leave it”, “come”, and “roll over”. He really enjoys stealing your towel from the bathroom while you're in the shower! Prankster!

Hudson's favorite “baby”
Hudson loving the beautiful weather!

Enjoying the slower side of life!

Hudson and his "girlfriends", Catey and Chance, went to a Wildlife Preserve and they had SUCH a great time!

Hudson and the girls

Hudson at McGraw

Hudson LOVING the outdoors!

Hudson the water dog

Hudson trying desperately not to jump up.

Looking for the perfect stick

Hudson is 16 weeks old today and he's growing like a weed! He weighs 30 pounds and is his adult coat is beginning to grow in! I love seeing the golden color coming in on his back- it's already about an inch long! Hudson is just as cute as can be and he is the topic of conversation among my neighbors! His gentle, cuddly personality has won over the heart of my father - a man who “pretends” not to like animals! Hudson has found his soft spot by sitting on his feet and gazing up at him with his big beautiful eyes!   

He's pooped after swimming at Centennial Beach all morning

Hudson loves to come charging down the stairs!                                     
Hudson tries to figure things out… but he's still confused!

Hudson playing with his littermate Milo (Hudson is on the right)                         
Playing with Lucy and Milo

First haircut! He wasn't too happy about it!

Currently, Hudson is just over 5 months old. He weighs 53 pounds and has no signs of slowing down any time soon! He has taught himself to bring me a shoe when he wants to go on a walk, and if I haven't moved quickly enough he'll bring me the other one! Smart dog!