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Harry's Page

Harry was born on May 8, 2006 at King's Doodles in Fredericton, New Brunswick. After much research we decided a Goldendoodle would be a good fit for our family. Harry has been all we had hoped for and more. He has the sweetest disposition and he loves everyone, and everyone loves Harry. He is currently 8 months old and weighs 59 pounds.

Here is Harry at the breeder's house, on the day we picked him out.

Harry at 8 weeks. First day at home!
Under the table! My favorite place to be. (Until I couldn't fit anymore.)

I love my crate, and I was so easy to train. Only two messes in the house.
I mastered the stairs right away.

Can I get out now?
I like the outside!
Smart puppy! Received my K-9 "Good Citizen" award at 14 weeks.


I love the water!
Hiking with my people. Mommy said I got dirty.

I love to ride in the car!
Are we home yet?

Digging is the greatest, isn't it?
Here I am at 5 months and 40 pounds.

Ready for Halloween!
I like my bath.

First haircut at 6 months.
Merry Christmas 2006!

Me and my friend Riley.
Tired puppy...
Dressed for Santa!

I'm a good boy for my bath

Wet Doodle

I like the snow!

stopping for a photo


The abominable...

...snow monster...

...of the north.