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Ginger's Page

Ginger was born on September 9th, 2004 at Willow Breeze Kennels. We adopted her on November 7, 2004. At first ginger would bark and howl at night but soon came around. These are the pictures we got of Ginger before getting her.  (Ginger and Mona in Germany are sisters.)

We took ginger up to Canada for her first year. We own a resort up in Ontario and ginger enjoys getting attention from all our guests.

This is Ginger at about 9 months

Ginger at her perch ( our storage tubs)

“What?!!!! Its comfy”

I hate baths but, then again I did get really dirty!!!!

Dad stop you're embarrassing me!!!!!!!

Ginger smile for the camera!!!!

Now Ginger is at 2 years and we are very happy we got a dog!!!   She has been the most unforgettable and amazing dog we decided we needed to share!

We got our daughter, Annie a camera for Christmas and she just never stops snapping shots of herself and Ginger!!!

Ginger and her new squeaky bone.!!!!!!

Man another bath!! I have got to stay away from those holes!

good night!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a real good girl, can I have a treat

see I listen real well!!! I go to bed at bed time!!!

stretching out!!!!!

  ha-ha I took Annie's spot!!!!!!

Did you know ginger and Lovey are sisters, well actually Lovey's name now is Mona. Ginger and Mona are from the same litter! Its funny because the whole litter was named after Gilligan's island.

This face looks innocent right? Wrong , today she tore up a bunch on Kleenexes. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me but today, oh 9 am I was sitting in bed  and Annie and ginger came piling in but before ginger came in she had to get a drink grab her blanket and run up to the edge of the bed. Except on her way on top the bed she tripped of her blanket and hit her head on the bed!!!! I laughed so hard!  We love our doodle!

Ginger is such a baby, I don't know what we'd do without her!                                                                                                              

She is such a sweetheart

That's her guard perch!
NOTE: see nose prints behind on window

I'm on a hunt, for butterflies!

Quick!, in the get-away cart!!



Ginger has changed our lives for the past 3 yrs and is continuing!  Last June ginger was diagnosed with Addison's disease. This means her body doesn't make enough adrenalin (not sure on spelling). For days she was tired and wouldn't eat.  But now we have her on 5 florinef pills every morning and she is doing great!!

This Christmas was so exciting!
I got to be a reindeer!! Hehe
plus, I contacted 2 of my littermates!
My brother and my sister! I cant wait for the new year!!

This is Annie and Ginger... playing outside!

 I had a big day! time to rest!

Here are some pictures of Ginger dressing up!

Ginger enjoying the snow!

Ginger is somewhat photogenic :)

April of 2010
"Whatta playdate with Tucker!"

My dog and I

Ginger was chilling on the couch when we came down from sleeping one morning.

Family portrait