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Franklin's Page

We'd like to introduce our Goldendoodle, Franklin. We purchased him from Ware's Companions in Lebanon, Oregon. He was born on June 2, 2006 and came to live with us, Steve and Linda Seaton, in Eagle Creek, Oregon, on August 2, 2006. He is proving himself to be a terrific puppy....quick to be potty trained and pretty much in tune with the household already. We, along with family and friends, are already in love with this little guy!! We can't wait to see how he grows....in size and looks, and as a family member.

First evening in his new home. 2 months old.
He looks a little bewildered, but he's fresh from leaving his litter mates.

What an adorable face!!

Surveying his new territory. 8.5 weeks old..

First meeting with his new "sister".

Who wouldn't fall in love with this face?

Franklin's first trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon, with his "mom".

A real beach bum! 10 weeks old.


Franklin is now 3 1/2 months old. He weighed in at a whopping 33 pounds at the vets last week. His growth rate is faster than his newphew's!!

We have Franklin signed up for obedience class starting the end of October. He is a puppy so he has way too much energy, but he is a good boy and extremely people oriented. He is definitely a non-shedder and chews only on his chew sticks and toys. Franklin has been to the groomer once She was very impressed with his behavior. We have decided to have his feet trimmed next visit as they are huge dirt catchers! He does great in his crate, which he is in only when left at home alone (not often!). Frankie is a wonderful dog!!

Franklin is nearly five months old now and weighs in at 45 pounds! It was getting so we couldn't tell his front end from his back end, as his hair had gotten so long and curly. He had his first real hair cut yesterday. His "Dad" loves the new do. His "Mom" prefers the scuffy, shaggy look. Either way, he's turning into a really good dog. Never has an accident in the house, loves people and other animals. He is a keeper!!

Franklin, before his hair cut, and his "Mom".
Still the same adorable face, just easier
to see now!
Notice the feet. So much easier to clean
when he walks in from the wet outdoors!
These pictures make his face look very
light. It's actually just a little lighter
 than his body.

Franklin is 6 1/2 months old now. We have gone through 8 weeks of obedience training. For his age he did quite well. Well enough that we are continuing on to the next class. He is a good boy and very smart, though still such a puppy! And he's a BIG puppy! He is very sweet tempered....with not a mean bone in his body. I guess it is his size that has surprised us. We knew he'd be a bigger boy than we were accustomed to, but it still surprises us. An innocent glass of red wine on the coffee table - Franklin walks by with his tail wagging, knocks over the glass of wine, etc. :O) Wasn't his fault! He is a good boy. LOVES his back scratched. So, here is our guy at 6 months.......