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Comiskey's Page

“Allow me to introduce myself…..I am Comiskey….and for those of your not from Chicago, I am the consummate White Sox Fan..(or at least my parents are).

I was born “Pink Female” on November 21, 2007 at The Paw Pad in Deer Creek, Illinois…my Dad was Ziggy and my Mom was Sadie.  I am an F1 mini…and proud of it!

I am told that the idea of my adoption all began when one of the grandsons of my adoptive parents wrote a letter to Santa asking for a dog for Grandpa and Grandma…now you must remember that Grandma had never had a dog! (No pressure here!!)  So on Christmas morning there was a stuffed dog under the tree for Grandma and Grandpa with a note from Santa that I was in their future! Well, as they tell me, Santa must have
contacted The Paw Pad….cause on January 12, 2008 the whole family came to get me…..what fun….there was lots of kisses and hugs….but sadness for leaving my siblings.  We made a few stops along the way and finally arrived in Bartlett, Illinois….about a 3 hour drive…and I slept most of the way.  I weighed in at a whopping 5 lbs.

I adjusted well and really enjoyed all the toys and company that greeted me…Didn't quite understand the reason for a tree in the middle of the family room…but I was certainly ready to embrace anything.
They seemed to know my name right away even though I didn't…… Comiskey?...what's a Comiskey?...and they expected me to come to them when they said that word…humans…go figure!
I have discovered that my adoptive Mom & Dad seem to like to take a LOT of photos…..when I was this young I really didn't mind….but as you will see, this got old really fast…

Not my best pose….but after 30 or so photos….who really cares if my tag is straight….I'm a little over 2 months old and weigh 6.5 lbs.

Well she decided to try again…different background….the background doesn't matter when you are this cute!
These people have been holding out on me…turns out there is this great stuff that falls from the sky…called SNOW….now we are really having fun….!
Another day….another snow storm…got to love the Midwest!

They bought me this bed…now, I have to tell you…I prefer the big bed in the big room….but I'll take a few naps here and then make it go away!

I am now 3 month's old and weigh 11.2 lbs.

My favorite toys are a chipmunk (minus it's tail), this fish (he no longer has his fins) and best of all….my Daddy's glasses which are really easy to take right off his face when he falls asleep in them…..

Well, I can't believe my luck….more snow….I hope summer is as much fun as winter…..

I figured they couldn't take my picture, if they couldn't find me….these people are relentless!

I am now 4 months old and 13.6 lbs.
I really love people…and I live in a neighborhood with lots of kids…so there is never a shortage of attention…..I am eager to play and always have toys readily available….

I am now entering the “bandanna” stage of my youth….I have stopped chewing on them and can appreciate being well dressed when I go out on my walks….love those walks…lots to see…lots to smell!  I am now 5 months old and weigh 17.8 lbs.


What did I tell you about those bandannas?

…..oh yes, I forgot to say, occasionally,
               I do sleep……
6 months old and 19 lbs……”


Hate the crate.....but not so bad if you sit on the top!
Not just a White Sox Fan
7 months old....22.3 lbs
8 months old....25 lbs

9 months old