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Brie's Page

Her name is Brie-- I was tossing around names to go with a doodle for the LONGEST time and finally decided to be corny and make her a cheese doodle! She came from Bonnie Holt's Club Doodles in Tennessee.

Brie at 8 weeks, her 1st day with us, Sept 10 2004

Brie at 3 months

Brie and her big Brother Gibson--he knows who's boss!

4 months old, after her 1st haircut
1st Thanksgiving

6 months old. We track her growth by how she looks on top of Gibson

7 months old. We let her get too long! She does not like her baths.

8 months, 1st time in the snow. Loves it!

do anyone else's doodles sleep with their butts up against the wall?

9 months--outside playing while her dad was mowing!!

10 months old. We decided to keep her cut short since she's such a tomboy that she was always a mess!!!

Brie on her 1st birthday!

Brie at 18 months, Dec. 2005. Did I mention she likes snow?

silly pup

Brie turns 2! July 2006

Brie and big sister Becca, summer 2005

Brie's obedience class, first time on the obstacle course!