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Breezy was born 23 July, 2007 to Toby and Annie of Mattawa Washington. This is her first picture at 6 weeks old. We live just outside of Seattle. The drive to get Breezy was a good 3 hours one way! This would be the first dog for our family. We finally decided that this would be the time to add a new family member into our lives. We were excited, yet apprehensive...Breezy has been home with us for one week now, and she is SSOOOO wonderful! We can already tell how smart she is. She is sleeping well through the night, she knows where her potty spot is. She is just absolutely precious and adorable! Our hearts are so filled with joy now that she has come into our lives. We love her to death!!!

This little girl loves to play... and she loves her patch of grass!! It's just nonstop rolling around fun
from the minute she's on it, till the minute she gets off of it. This is actually in our front yard, and when she's out there she is literally
a people magnet. Kids seem to come running from miles just to see her, play with her and pet her soft fur.

from Sleeping beauty to playful princess

The two top models of the house... Breezy with her big sister Brenna.

Here is the little girl watching her brothers soccer game with her mother.