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Bogie's Page

Bogie was born on November 1, 2005 at Hill Top Kennel in Stark City, MO.  We brought him to Ft. Worth, Texas on Dec. 22 weighing in at 13 pounds!!!    

My first day with my new brother and sister!!

My husband and I were so excited to get our doodle and couldn't wait to surprise the kids.  We couldn't believe how big he was the day we picked him up….and he hasn't stopped growing yet!!!!  He's made himself at home from day one!

I have played and played at my new home….it's so fun!!  I didn't want to stop and rest, but when I did…….I was out!!!

Bogie loves his baths, and is famous for jumping in the tub when someone else is taking their bath!!  He loves all of his squeaky toys and just can't stand for them to stay in his “toy tub!!”  We've kept raw hides handy from day one and have had no issues with him chewing anything he wasn't supposed to……….yet!!!

This is me at 2 months…..what an angel!

Here I am at 4 months…My mom keeps buying me these bones and they are so good!  I just can't take it out of my mouth for even a minute!!!

We've all laughed and said that as his feet and hair grow, so does his personality!!  He is so mischievous and funny.  He loves ice and any time he hears someone getting some>Watch out!!!  Bogie figured out at about 4 months that if he wanted ice and there was no one to get it for him…he'll just get it himself!!!  He uses those “polar bear” feet and pushes the button himself, just wish he'd learn to only get 1 instead of 20!!!

Here I am at 6 1/2 months……mom and dad keep calling me their HORSE!!!!

Daddy got me my very own pool and I LOVE it….I haven't had it very long, but I think he needs to upsize!!!  I may be only 7 months, but I weigh 70 pounds!!!!

I'm just SOOOO tired; I NEED to be on the couch right now!!!!!!

We did a lot of research before deciding on a doodle, and many endless nights looking at all the pictures and letters from the owners on this website.  Many thanks to all who keep this site up and running.  These are the best dogs ever….all the good you hear about them is so true!!!  Our Bogie (a.k.a. the horse!!!) is the sweetest most wonderful dog ever!!!

Can't wait to get another one (or two)!!!!!!!!!!!