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Bailey's Page

Bailey was born in North Eastern PA on December 6th, 2006. He now hangs his hat in Syracuse, NY with his roommate a teacup Chihuahua named Cooper.

Bailey loves to play with his toys, chew things he shouldn't, frolic around the house, take long naps in the bathtub, head out to the dog park to meet new friends, and of course cause a little mischief here and there.  He also enjoys long walks with his girlfriend Bailey the Black Lab.  

On the first day at his new home Bailey sprained his owner's ankle as she ran down the stairs to get him outside. Here they are convalescing together.

Bailey at 3 months using those puppy dog eyes to melt any heart like buttah.

Bailey loves to nap by the laundry basket.

Sassy Puppy.

Snuggling after his first trip to the groomers.

Hanging out with one handsome dood.

Bailey the little punk.

Relaxing with mom before work.

Bailey loving his Uncle Al.

5 months and 40 pounds, this boy is growing up fast.