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Andy was born June 10, 2007. My husband and I were married last spring and had been waiting for the commotion of wedding planning to die down before getting our puppy. After months or researching different breeds, we decided that our active, outdoorsy lifestyles were perfectly suited to the Goldendoodle… And boy, were we RIGHT!

We live in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah and since welcoming Andy into our new home in August 2007 our outdoor world has opened up even wider as we are now enjoying all the fun things to do with our trusty canine companion!

Here’s Andy at 10 weeks old. He was an adorable puppy!

Andy the firedog!

Andy was less than thrilled following his first bath…

Andy's first snow… He LOVES Utah powder!!!

Andy loves his squeaky cheddar cheese toy from his “Vermont Grandma”!

Andy's almost 7 months old now and weighs around 58 pounds.  He's so soft and furry (non-shedding, of course)… Our friends and family can't get over how adorable he is, and how much he looks like a stuffed animal.  We love him so much and can't wait for spring and summer to roll back around so we can introduce him to river rafting and camping trips (He was too little for that last summer)…

That's all for now… We will continue to update our page as Andy grows and experiences new adventures!

Sonja Lunde and Johnny Hill - Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks to Blue for managing this great site!  It's so fun to see so many people enjoying life with their beautiful and adorable doodles!