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Sundance's Page

Our wonderful goldendoodle, Sundance was born on February 10, 2004 at Timshell Farm. He is now a big boy at 65 pounds - and everything I could have hoped for - and more.

Sundance is a celebrity wherever he goes.  He has taken on almost human characteristics - he is very jealous - whenever there is a hug going on - he joins right in! He looks you right in the eye when he wants something and his “windows to the soul” reveal human-like emotions.  

Sundance has so many funny habits.  When he detects me taking out his brush and comb he peeks around a corner then heads for his “den” under our bed. Hard as I try, I can't pull the wool over his eyes!  Sundance also dives into his den when we tell him that it's time to go to sleep.  When people walk into our house he takes a toy and pokes them in their behinds with it in the hopes that they will engage in endless play.  Recently, one of my colleagues signed up for a goldendoodle puppy for her family.  Now we set up “play dates” for Sundance and her five-year-old son to “train” him to become a responsible pet owner.  

Sundance “bows” to the ground when small children or puppies approach, almost as though he knows that his amazing height would overwhelm them.  He is like the characters (and Sundance is indeed, a “character”) in “Cheers” - everyone knows his name in our neighborhood!

I am enclosing a few pictures of Sundance from puppyhood to the present.  We recently had him clipped for the Florida summer heat and we think he looks just like his standard poodle father, Allen.

Sundance is one special fellow! Words can't express the joy and laughter that he has brought into our lives.

Regards from sunny Florida,

Ilona B.