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Grooming Tools & Supplies
A small sampling of
Grooming supplies.
Brushes come in many styles.

Pin brushes and Slicker
brushes are just two types.

When shopping for brushes,
find ones that fit your hand
Combs & Rakes
Styles of combs and rakes
vary widely.

The latest innovation is
called a “rotating tooth”
comb or rake.

When shopping for combs
and rakes, find ones that
fit your hand comfortably.
Scissors have many uses.

Blunt Tip Curved Blade is useful
for working near sensitive areas
(around the face, for example).

Straight shears are best for the
all over body trim.

Thinning shears blend in rough
cuts, and are useful for cutting
matts (parallel to the skin).
Matt Removal and Finishing Tools
Many matt removal tools are
also available.  They basically all have sharp blades that cut
through the matted hair.

Small Clippers are handy for
shaving the hair from the bottom of the feet, and other small or delicate locations.
Ear Care
Cleaning solution and cotton balls are essential ear care tools.

Hemostats are sometimes
used to pull excess hair from inside the ear (when fingers just aren't successful).
Nail Care
Nail care can be done in a variety of ways:

Nail clippers cut off the excess.

Electric grinders can be used
to quickly sand off the excess.

Acrylic nail files are tough
enough to file dog's nails
manually.  They can be used
to smooth or completely remove excess.
Storage & Clean Up
Grooming is messy business,
and you have to put all those
tools somewhere.

Additional Notes by Timshell Farm

It's not necessary to purchase new blades when they start to get dull.  Consider having your razor blades SHARPENED by a professional.
Timshell Farm recommends:

Blade Doctor
P.O. Box 979
Ozark, MO  65721
Phone: (417) 844-8385 / 736-3480

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