Location:   Nicholasville, Kentucky (near Lexington, KY)

Breeding:   Aussiedoodles, Comfort Retrievers, Medium & Miniature American and English Goldendoodles

Screening tests for breeding dogs:   I try to fully test all breeding dogs. On goldens I like to have hip testing (OFA prelim/clearance or PennHip), eyes (CERF clearances), heart (SAS clearance) and elbow clearances. On mini poodles I like to have hip testing (OFA prelim/clearance or PennHip), knee caps (Patella's OFA clearance), eyes (CERF clearance) and vWB (Von Willebrands Disease cleared, a bleeding disorder). My clearances are in process so please ask about the specific parent's clearances.

Health warranty:   26 months for hips, 24 months for major genetic defects, 6 month allergy guarantee available upon request. I don't require for you to return the pup to get reimbursement if a health issue was to occur.

Shipping Available: Yes, including international shipping

Kennel or Home Bred: The pups are always born and raised for several weeks in the house. At some later date the pups frequently go outside to assist in pre-housebreaking behaviors.

Early Spay/Neuter:   We require all pet pups to be spay/neutered. Frequently the dogs are altered before going to homes. Breeding dogs are available

Goldendoodle Website Breeder in good standing since:   December 2002

Contact Information:     www.goldendoodle.net