Lawpdoodle Kennel

Location:   Lost Creek, WV – 2 Hours North of Charleston, WV and 2 Hours South of Pittsburgh, PA.  4 Hours from Washington, D.C.

Breeding:   F1B Solid and Parti Labradoodles, AKC Standard Poodles, Sheepadoodles

Screening tests for breeding dogs:   Breed specific testing includes OFA Hips/Elbow, Patella, Cardiac, Thyroid, vWD, PRCD

Health warranty:  2 Years up to 26 Months of Age

Shipping Available: Yes, Prefer to use Continental Airlines, have shipped Delta and American Airlines throughout the United States and Canada.  Had to arrange for a puppy to fly to Hungary with its owner.  

Training Available:  Basic Training, lots of socialization and paper or “Litter box” with shredded paper training.  Puppies learn to only go to the bathroom in their designated area so they are not running through their mess when playing.   This is a good start to NOT going where they shouldn’t, and buyers have reported back with success in housebreaking/crate training in just a few days.

Kennel or Home Bred: Both.   We whelp in our Family Room and a smaller house next to our home, both of which are heated and A/C.  Most of our breeding adults are kept in a large, clean climate controlled (heated and A/C) kennel with access to large fenced in yard areas throughout the day through doggy doors.   Our dogs are not locked up in small outside runs during the day unless absolutely necessary.

Early Spay/Neuter:  Required evidence of completed surgery by 7 months, or contract agreement is null and void, unless another time frame is recommended by their vet (I actually had a vet that would not spay before 8 months old).

Goldendoodle Website Breeder in good standing since:   July 2010

Contact Information:   
Tina (Primary) & Rich Law, Owners                                                
Lawpdoodle Kennel
Rt. 2, Box 281B
Lost Creek, WV  26385
(304) 745-5878 (Home)
(304) 629-5585 (Cell)