Del-Frunessa's Goldendoodles

Location:   Belle Center, Ohio (1 hour northwest of Columbus Ohio)

Breeding:   Standard/mini, F1 & F1b, English & American Goldendoodles.

Screening tests for breeding dogs:   Golden Retrievers for : OFA hips/elbows/heart & eye CERF.Standard Poodles for: OFA hips/elbows/S.A./Thyroid/ vWd- VetGen then submitted to OFA & eye CERF. Most CHIC registered, working towards getting all health testing on all parent dogs submitted to CHIC.

Health warranty:  2 yr.

Shipping Available:  yes

Kennel or Home Bred: Combination:   Some parent dogs are kenneled in a specially designed, climate controlled indoor/outdoor kennel. Expecting moms are brought in our home two week prier to due date. Pups are born and raised in our kitchen.

Early Spay/Neuter:   All our puppies are spayed & neutered included before leaving.

Goldendoodle Website Breeder in good standing since:   January 2008

Contact Information:   http://www.dfgoldendoodles.com