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Sammy's Page

We live in Luxembourg and it was just a matter of pure chance that we met our dear Sammy.  We were taking dogs of an animal shelter for a walk, when my daughter and my husband noticed a young, white dog, just coming back.  We immediately fell in love with this dog and adopted it in our family.  It was a seven months old Golden Doodle, left by his former owners a month ago.  It also was a matter of pure chance(noticing the same date of birth) that we found his brother Zorro, who lives in Switzerland.
Now, Sammy is part of our family and we love him very, very much. He is the most lovely, affectionate and devoted dog we could ever have found, and, although we decided not to have another dog immediately after the death of our beloved Briard Jackye, we now cannot imagine our life without Sammy.

With our best greetings
Christiane and family and Sammy

p.s. -   There are a lot of Doodle-crazy people all over the world.  In fact, it was a similar site in Germany (http://www.dogspot.de/hund/sammygoldendoodle ) where we met Zorro an now also another sister, Luna, living in Germany.