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Broodle the Groodle

This is Broodle our 4 month old F1 Standard Groodle (Or Goldendoodle as others call him). Broodle was born on 13 October 2008 at Rivergum Designer Puppies in Barham NSW, Australia.

His Dad - Choco - is a black standard poodle and Mum - Topey - is a creamy coloured golden retriever.

Broodle came to live with me Nic, my partner Dave, my sister Alisha and her almost 5 year old Dalmatian Talen in Sydney NSW, Australia when he was 10 weeks old.

Broodle at 10 weeks old on the long journey home:-

For the first few nights Broodle slept in the laundry. When we first put Broodle into the laundry he was very sad and begged and begged to come out.

But after he fell asleep he slept right through the night without even making a whimper. We think he was comforted by his favourite toy - his very own little Dalmatian which he still loves dearly.

He is so smart by 12 weeks he had already learnt to sit and was beginning to shake his paw. Now at 16 weeks he can sit, shake, lie down, come and wait for a very long time and he is walking really well on his lead. He is a very good listener and does whatever he is told (well almost).

At 16 weeks old he already weighs 10 kg and is growing bigger and taller each day. He is attending Puppy Pre-School at the moment and is really enjoying all the contact with the other “puppies”. He gets really excited and his little tail wags so fast that his bottom moves as well. He also loves little children and gets very excited when one comes to say hello!

However he is truly happiest when playing with his brother, Talen. They can play together for hours and he really loves to try and show Talen who is boss (but isn't often successful given the size difference at the moment).

When they play tug a war together Broodle grips onto a little end and does not let go no matter where Talen pulls him to around the yard. He is a very determined little boy.

He loves chewing things and gets very upset if he is interrupted!!

But will always stop chewing for food!!!

His Big Brother Talen always looks out for him and sometimes even lets him share his bed!

His favourite hang out spot is underneath the Barbeque

But other times he will sit on top of the shelf of the Barbeque too!!!

On hot summer days he likes to hang out in the pool!

And he loves playing fetch

And he had a great time dressing up for Australia Day 2009

We love him so much he is the most cuddly dog we have ever had and he is so gentle and smart we couldn't ask for anything more.