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Bella's Page

What can I say about my beautiful Bella?  Up until two years ago I hadn’t ever met a groodle but I was visiting Townsville with a friend and we were sitting on the waterfront when this magnificent dog came over to me, stood with his front legs on my knees and gave me a sloppy kiss. I was in love. Anyway after our old Jock died, he was sixteen, I was looking out for another dog and there she was in the local paper and looking for a home. Her owners were busy people and moving into an apartment. I went to see her, she came running over, put her front paws around my waist and snuggled into me. Again I was gone.

Bella has been here for seven months now and every week we go to dog obedience (she hadn’t had too much training) and she is so smart that she is already in fifth class. It is so good to see her responses and I can tell she enjoys going. She knows when Wednesday night comes around and starts to get excited around 2.00 pm.

Dogs have no concept of time, they just live in the present. We could all learn from them. Very soon we are starting with agility.
P.S She loves to sleep in bed with me and have her tummy tickled first thing in the morning.