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Sully is a Bernese-Poodle Cross

We finally took the plunge and picked up Sully from Rainbow Park on Dec. 11th. He's absolutely beautiful! He was born Oct. 14th, and he's adjusted extremely well to our family. Lots of chewing, waking during the night, but no "accidents" in the house so I think things are going very well.

There seemed to be some interest in the Bernese Doodles so I thought I'd let everyone know that we have one at home, and this is what he looks like at 10 weeks. I'd love to find out if there are any litter mates out there!

Sully & Chloe

PS - We chose the name Sully because we expect him to be a big hairy monster with a kind gentle soul - like the John Goodman character in Monsters Inc.